Connecting Kingdom Concepts

This Apostolic forum is designed to assist participants with tools and resources that will enhance their understanding and revelation concerning; 


  • The King & His Kingdom.

  • His Rule.      

  • His Reign.      

  • His Sovereignty.





  • Definition of Kingdom     

  • Kings & Priests     

  • Kingdom Prosperity

  • 5-Fold Ministry Gifts     

  • Modern church models

  • Home groups     

  • World views     

  • Empower the Kingdom





To train each participant to have a Kingdom view.


To help each one to understand that they are regenerated kings and priests.


  Pastors and leaders will gain knowledge in the ability 

  to shift from the old winesin mentality to a 

  Kingdom dynamic.


To present a model of what Pastors need.


To offer a view of what congregations need from Pastors.


All Presented Through:


  • Dialogue & Discussion

  • Questions & Answers

  • Charts & Graphs

  • Team Dynamic

  • Exercises

  • Surveys



  • Church's purpose

  • Five-fold ministry purpose

  • Kingdom purpose


  1. Household of faith

  2. House churchs

  3. Cities/community

  4. Counties/state/region

  5. Teaching on kings and priests


Product & Resource Materail:

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Vessel of Honor Ministry 

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Vessel of Honor Ministry


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